What's News in the Bluebills Pages?

This page will be your starting point to link to news stories and recent updates to the Bluebills pages for all chapters for the past year. Just click on the links below to see the stories. Contact us if you have a story about the Bluebills that you think we should cover.

News Items
Date of Update
OlyPen Bluebills Building Ramps in the Sun (see related story below) September 2, 2003
Spreading the Word at Awareness Fairs September 29, 2003
The House Isn't For Sale (the story of how a ramp saved a home) September 29, 2003
Heritage Names their Volunteers of the Year for 2003 November 12, 2003
Bluebills Show Appreciation for McChord AFB November 12, 2003
Sno-King Christmas House Welcomes 2,383 Families January 31, 2004
Oly-Pen Christmas – Ready For Giving February 5, 2004
Create Your Own 'Reality Show' by Helping High School Seniors February 5, 2004
Sno-King's Mighty Movers Have Can-Do Spirit March 27, 2004
Oly-Pen Picnic for 2004 July 23, 2004
'Bonny Bluebill' Gets Her Own Ramp July 23, 2004
Carmela Llaneta is Miss Bluebills in Seafair 2004 July 23, 2004

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